Color Consultation

Fear of making color mistakes inhibits us from exploring and choosing confidently the colors that we would dare to use. Achromatic or non-colors from whites to neutrals to brown and black, all have an appeal as wall colors on their own, as well as working with the rest of the color palette! Many of my clients have a hard time visualizing from a small chip of paint. I am able to provide an 8x10 samples which helps. Choosing colors for my clients for so many years has helped me to understand how these color react in different environments. Your flooring, fabric colors and exterior environment and time of day, all play a part in how each color will look on your walls. Let us help you find just the right colors. The colors in your home make an incredible impact on your whole design. Color is your strongest tool: It is the least expensive way to get a totally different look. With a gallon of paint you can change the entire feeling of a space.